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for adults

Your musical lunchbreak

Energise your day... with music!


Take a break from your workday and refuel your energy levels with an interactive music workshop at the Philharmonie. These open music-making sessions are designed for adults without previous musical knowledge who are curious about what music-making feels like, as well as adults who wish to bring their instrument and make music in groups in a creative and cheerful atmosphere. Featuring special guest artists who will encourage and guide participants in discovering music instruments, singing and playing around with rhythm and movement, our Musical Lunchbreaks always include a surprise, and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your week.

Duration : 40 min

Exclusively bookable at Philharmonie Luxembourg

Video © Philharmonie Luxembourg

Musician's Peak Performance Insights

Learn from world-class musicians and reach new levels of excellence


Have you ever wondered how world-class musicians prepare for an onstage performance? What makes them able to give their absolute best and captivate audiences with their skills and artistic mastery? What knowledge of this can non-musicians apply in daily life, in business and in public speaking situations?


This workshop led by musician, speaker and educator Martina Menichetti gives insights about musician’s practices and preparation techniques for optimal performances and offers practical tools and techniques to improve one’s own public speaking skills and meet the challenges of modern-day work life with a fresh perspective.


The workshop covers a range of themes like optimal performance mindset, confidence, self-awareness, creativity, communication, public speaking, stage presence, breathing, the use of the voice, handling stress, and provides resources for further reading on these subjects.

Who is the workshop for?

  • Working professionals and adults who wish to improve their public speaking, preparation and presentation skills

  • Anyone curious about stage performers in leadership positions like orchestra conductors or solo musicians and singers, or the teamwork of orchestra musicians and members of a pop, jazz or rock bands and gaining useful tips, tools and techniques for practical application in business and in life.

Language options: Engl / Luxbg / Ger / Fr / Ita

Duration options: 30 min, 60 min, 90 min or 120 min or more

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