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Photo © Philharmonie Luxembourg / Alfonso Salgueiro

Musician. Speaker. Educator.

Enriching and inspiring people's lives through music and performing arts education


Martina Menichetti is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, speaker, educator, music composer and arranger. As part of the Education department of the Philharmonie Luxembourg, she creates and curates a wide range of performances, music workshops and interactive participation projects for children, youngsters and adults. As a freelance educator and musician, she collaborates with a number of associations, schools and institutions on cultural projects.

She was born in Italy and grew up in Luxembourg. She obtained her diplomas in flute, piano and pedagogics at the Music Conservatories of Vienna, Maastricht and Esch-sur-Alzette. In addition, in Munich she studied media management and communication. After internships in stage direction at the Staatsoper and the Volksoper in Vienna, she directed operas for children and worked in concert production, managing hundreds of concerts in her 10 year professional live performance working experience. As a performer herself, her music genres range from pop to jazz, to musical theatre and scenic improvisation, and she specializes in folk music and performs with her group “Authentica”.


Fluent in:
German, English, Italian,
French, Luxembourgish, Dutch

Conversational:  Spanish 

Basic knowledge: Hungarian

Shows & Workshop offer

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For kids

& youngsters

Discover the music discovery workshop offer for kids and youngsters.

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For adults

Discover the workshop offer for adults, corporate partners and cultural institutions.

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Discover the workshop offer for musicians, educators and cultural managers.

Photos © Philharmonie Luxembourg / Alfonso Salgueiro

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Folk, world and Celtic music

Authentica celebrates the beauty of the songs and stories from past and present traditions through the sounds of folk, world and Celtic music.


The five-piece band founded by singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer Martina Menichetti blends together lively tunes from the Celtic regions with folk songs from Luxembourg, exploring the country’s hidden treasure of legends and danceable tunes.


With songs in English, Luxembourgish and many other languages, Authentica combines ancient and modern instruments, original compositions and traditional songs, mystical ambiences and an energetic stage presence.

Discover Martina's new live music project and concert dates here:

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