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Discover Martina's new workshops at the Philharmonie Luxembourg
in 2022 and 2023

«Martina's Music Box»

Venez faire de la musique!

Kommt laanscht a maacht Musek!

Workshops for children aged 4 - 6 years.

Info and tickets:

Martina 16 © Alfonso Salgueiro Photography.jpg

© Alfonso Salgueiro Photography

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«Martina's Music Box»

Venez faire de la musique!

Kommt laanscht a maacht Musek!

Workshops for children aged 7 - 12 years.

Info and tickets:

© Alfonso Salgueiro Photography

«Your musical lunchbreak»

Energize your day... with music!

Workshops for adults

«Pause déjeuner musicale»

Faites le plein d'énergie en musique!

Info and tickets:

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© Alfonso Salgueiro Photography

Munich 2014-2018

Director: Martina Menichetti


Opera for children touring elementary schools


"Die Zauberflöte" von W.A.Mozart

"La Serva Padrona" by G.B. Pergolesi

"Hänsel und Gretel" von E. Humperdinck

Produced by "Voilà! Opera!" e.V.

Conductor: Stellario Fagone

Production Manager: Maria Czeiler

Educational offer

"Sounds of the Flutes"

Workshops and lessons

Workshops, lessons and presentations about

World music and traditional music from Celtic areas like Ireland, Scotland, Bretagne (France), Galicia (Spain)

Suitable for beginning, intermediate and advanced players


Learning basic and advanced instrumental techniques

Getting to know the repertoire

Getting to know all kinds of flutes from all over the world

Active listening

Bands, groups and historical aspects that shaped the styles 

Luxembourg 2014


Castle Esch-Sauer and Castle Beaufort


Medieval Concerts

with children

School project with an elementary school class. Playing music from the middle-ages in medieval clothing in some of the oldest castles in Luxembourg.

With flutes, violin, guitar, drums and singing.

Repertoire research, arrangements and concert leading by Martina Menichetti 

Watch the video:

Luxembourg 2009 -...


Music education

in elementary school

Showing music instruments and giving introductory lessons in music playing, theory and history 

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